What a wednesday

Today was a long day. Not in a bad way though. The day crawled by and that was just fine. I spent alot of one on one time with lance which was great. This was due to the fact that….I finished all 20 drawings! Now I am on to the full size drawings and actual furniture. I made way more mistakes on my first packet then I was happy with. I should give myself credit because I have laid a finger on drafting equipment and I finished before a graduate architect but I am striving for excellence. Out of the first 20 I did learn to push myself. I never stayed in my comfort zone. I was constantly pushing it ups level and every time I made a mistake I tried harder on the next drawing. The full size drawings are much easier and more fun in my opinion. I drew a “step table”. According to lance it’s not related to any period but it’s slightly Sheraton. I got to take my measurements from the real piece which was fun and we are encouraged to draw all our curves freehand to try and improve our hand and eye skills. That was fun. Tomorrow I will start drawing a Duncan Phyfe drum table right way. A piece I actualy plan to build while at school. I also tuned my brand new woodriver number 4 which I will review tonight on lumber jocks.





  1. #1 by Randy on February 15, 2012 - 11:24 pm

    Able to enter reply on my Windows7 phone. Problem could be my laptop.

    Please keep us informed as your journey unfolds!
    BTW: Drawings look good! You should be proud.

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