Feeling the burn

Today was exciting. First shavings were made in our bench room. We had the daunting task of flattening, awaiting all 4 edges and thicknessing a 1 foot long by around 8 inch wide poplar board from the rough. With only a number 4 needless to say I got a workout. Starting with a heavily cupped 4/4 board I had to fight to aim for a thickness of 3/4 and I am currently slightly under by a 32 or so. The board will no doubt move over night so tomorrow it will require reflattening taking the thickness down again. I am not very happy I had to come in under thickness and if the board was for a piece I would reserve it for thinner stock. I am considering doing a second one tomorrow so I can come in slightly above 3/4 like I want. The exercise was very good for teaching patience and learning a low tolerance for badly milled stock. The test we do for flat…across the length width and diagonal we set a 12″ starett blade on end with a piece of thin transparent drafting paper beneath it. The tolerance has to be so low that when you move the paper the ruler moves with it. Image checking that in 5 different places within those 3 ranges and only having hand tools. 😉 also dis a bit of drawing.


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