A new day with new challenges.

Had a long day today. Started the day off by continuing to draw my Chippendale desk on frame got alot done on it. Then we had a lecture on bandsaw safety and we all cut out two push sticks as an exercise. We have an incredibly large bandsaw in addition to our 14 incher. The blades for this thing are around 20 feet I believe? Huge.
Then after some more drawing we had our chisel block exercise. We chamfer the block we hand planed with our 1 inch chisel. We have to do a stop chamfer on the long grain edges and I screwed around on a scrap and learned a lambs tounge.





Wood expo

  • Spent the day yesterday at wood expo with the wife and another classmate and his.

It was such a great event hung out with Tommy Mac for a bit of the day as well as Eli and his girlfriend. There were dozens of great pieces there other then my school. Furniture institute of Mass had a student there named steve who had a remarkable period style serpentine chest. Kevin Mack was also there with some gorgeous pieces including an asian style cabinet with glass paned doors that he used glass coasters for! Steve brown was there doing a demo of making a chippendale chair with only hand tools. he made the shoe with a molding plane which I found to be very fun to watch. Chuck bender was also there working on various period pieces for people to watch. No pieces that I know of from the school sold however I dont know if anything did today and I will be sure to update on that tomorrow. Make sure to look for any info and interviews from the expo as I am sure you will see some awesome furniture and hear from some great makers. If you didnt attend this year make sure to next!

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The joy of watching a master

Today was not a typical day at nbss. Phil Lowe came and gave a 2 hour PowerPoint demo of the history of his work with over 200 hundred personal photos of his work and processes over the years. The scary part is that was the the latter of the 2 most exciting things today. Phil brought along a French master upholsterer with 50 years under his belt and he upholstered a Sheraton style aide chair made by a student. We watched him work for over 4 hours. Hi skill, speed and calm were incredible. He used 100% traditional methods with things such as pure horse hair for stuffing and a layer of pure Cotten. He was incredibly past, using his magnetic tipped brass tack hammers to pull tacks that he stores in his mouth from his lips. A one handed hammering operation allowing him to work the fabric with his other hand. On top of his mastery and ease to watch he was the sweetest and kindest man you could ever meet.
Phils presentation was wonderful as well, showing all his different projects and the type of different work that e does. He showed us some masterfull carvings he has done and they wowed me. He as well is a very kind and humorous man who love to give you encouragment and inspire you. He said to me and another class mate the most true words you could say “just keep on building”.
I did well today also, flattened a second board and got it at 7/8s. Needless to say I am happy with that result. Time will tell overnight if it stays flat! Please….there has to be a mountain of questions so please. Fire away! Get in contact with me on twitter to! Supercoopman









Interesting photos

Some interesting pics of the various leg, hardware, inlay and banding samples we have at school!
the picture doesn’t even show all of them!
Supercoopman twitter




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Feeling the burn

Today was exciting. First shavings were made in our bench room. We had the daunting task of flattening, awaiting all 4 edges and thicknessing a 1 foot long by around 8 inch wide poplar board from the rough. With only a number 4 needless to say I got a workout. Starting with a heavily cupped 4/4 board I had to fight to aim for a thickness of 3/4 and I am currently slightly under by a 32 or so. The board will no doubt move over night so tomorrow it will require reflattening taking the thickness down again. I am not very happy I had to come in under thickness and if the board was for a piece I would reserve it for thinner stock. I am considering doing a second one tomorrow so I can come in slightly above 3/4 like I want. The exercise was very good for teaching patience and learning a low tolerance for badly milled stock. The test we do for flat…across the length width and diagonal we set a 12″ starett blade on end with a piece of thin transparent drafting paper beneath it. The tolerance has to be so low that when you move the paper the ruler moves with it. Image checking that in 5 different places within those 3 ranges and only having hand tools. 😉 also dis a bit of drawing.


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Off day

Well I decided to take a day off today! It’s presidents day so there were no classes and I kicked back. I Sid start drawing a tall case clock however! I am also in the works of getting a drafting class up on the classes page of lumber jocks so keep a look out!

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10 days down

Well two weeks of classes has gone by. I am sitting on the bus right now stuck in horrible Boston traffic TOTALY shocked that already two weeks has come and gone. The amount I have learned is outstanding. From having never drafted in my entire life I am now drafting extremely complex pieces with ease and making stock lists with the drawings. Granted I am not a very neat and clean draftsman but I don’t think that is in my nature. I have always been a sketcher so my drafts are naturally messy looking but my info is correct and readable…just smudgy paper. Lance also gave me and a fellow classmate a huge run down on historical architectural column profile progressions which I found very interesting and is worth reading about to further your period knowledge. Chippendale has a wonderful section about it in the cabinet makers director. It also has many methods for drawing roman and Greek ogees with a compass. Speaking of compasses I bought an old set of drafting tools off Steve brown today! So cool. By the end of the day I had finished my drum table and I have moved on to my blanket chest. I started drawing the carving detail on tracing paper and I will include a photo! That’s all for now but I will post more over the weekend.